Workshop Movement and Immobility

Within the framework of the project "Spotlight on puppetry in Africa" co-organized by UNIMA, the Académie Ivoire Marionnette and the Djarama Center, the artist Naomi Van Niekerk, closely linked with the project, will give a 5-day workshop in Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, hosted respectively by the Académie Ivoire Marionnette and the Festival Rendez-vous chez-nous of Ouagadougou. 



Exhibition - People and Puppets


UNIMA, Believing in and creating a common future for puppetry, 1929-2019

UNIMA's 90th anniversary exhibition is still on tour. It is currently hosted in Spain, at the TOPIC Museum in Tolosa. It has been presented there since mid-november and will remain there until June 6.  

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